Jan Ondrias

Born in Ostrava, the city of steel, coal and Latin American Dancing, he was naturally drawn in to the world of ballroom. During his studies of Mathematic Analysis and Information Technologies at Mathematical Institute in Opava, he realized that dancing is closer to his heart and went on a path of further exploration of a body movement. Anatomy, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Sport Psychology, Physiology and other subjects were part of his degree in Sport Management from the Technical University of Ostrava.

In 1999, he became a dance teacher and performer at Akcent Ostrava where he added Modern Dance, Jazz, Contact Improvisation and Gymnastics to his repertoire. Also worked for several years at Moravian-Silesian National Theatre where ballet technique improved his understanding of movement dynamics and intention, as well as the importance of methodology in dance education.

Jan has been competing throughout Europe and the US, becoming two times Czech Champion in Showdance and achieving 3rd place at the Czech professional Latin American Championship. He was also finalist of the World and European Showdance Championships. Since 2009, he has been successfully competing in Professional American Smooth division, winning several Rising Star Championships and placing in the finals of Open Championships nationwide.